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Sergio Panseri

management consultant - financial analyst
trainer - temporary C.F.O. & controller



Heavily influenced by my youth readings of Franco Modigliani and Merton Miller papers on the corporation finance, I decided to become a financial analyst. I'm member since 1997 of the Italian Association of Financial Analysts and Financial Consultants (AIAF).
I'm also a temporary manager in finance departments, a trainer and a business

consultant, with more than 25-years of experience in cost accounting, corporate reporting, cash management, planning, corporate finance, budgeting and business intelligence models, with special focus on management control systems. My passion for web-related technologies, open source philosophy, data analytics, data visualization, web design and

software development, helps me to lead management control projects in all sized organizations, from the concept of the theoretical model to the delivery of the turnkey solution.
I’m graduated summa cum laude at Bocconi University Milan in business administration, with a specialization in corporate finance.

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